Fantasies, Feelings and Fun - 40 Years On: Experiencing Film in Times of Trouble

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 82-90

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Finola Kerrigan

Finola Kerrigan is Professor of Marketing at Birmingham Business School where she teaches and researches marketing and consumption. Finola has researched subjects on branding, digital identity, ethics and the incorporation of new technologies into marketing practice. She is Co-Editor in Chief of Marketing Theory and has been associate editor of Journal of Marketing Management.  

More than forty years after the publication of Holbrook and Hirschman’s (1982) classic paper, this paper examines film consumption during difficult time, with specific consideration of film consumption and COVID-19. The paper demonstrates the value of understanding how people experience films in times of crisis and that despite the decades that have passed, that there is still much to know about the what of experience in terms of experiential art consumption. The paper highlights the benefits of escaping through art at times of difficulty, but equally the need to be aware of how such escape can distract from social and political events that need to be addressed rather than escaped.
Escape; Film Consumption; COVID-19; Experience