Exploiting the Cultural Consumption Experience

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Pages : 54-62

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Michela Addis

Michela Addis is Full Professor of marketing at Università di Roma Tre, Italy where she teaches Cultural Marketing, and Management. Before joining Roma Tre (2006), she was Assistant Professor at Bocconi University (2003-2006), where she received her Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management in 2001. She currently is a member of the Management and Coordination Committee of the DTC Lazio Center of Excellence, and she is Associate Editor - Strategic Marketing and Consumer Behavior in the Arts – International Journal of Arts Management.  

This paper discusses the impact of the consumption experience on cultural management. Although arts and cultural industries have served as the cradle for the initial conceptualization of this new paradigm, the managerial processes for designing and managing engaging consumption experiences in these industries have ample room for improvement. Our conceptual paper focuses on the revision of cultural management based on consumption experiences. Therefore, it presents five managerial pillars that require a thorough revision by cultural organizations aiming to offer compelling consumption experiences: (1) adopting well-being as their ultimate goal; (2) implementing customer-centricity in their processes; (3) expanding the scope of organizations to encompass the cultural ecosystems; (4) extending the timeline of the consumption experience according to the customer journey; and (5) integrating online and offline channels through omnichannel strategies. Finally, this paper concludes by presenting the innovative solutions that emerge for each of the aforementioned managerial pillars.
Consumption Experience; Arts and Culture; Cultural Management; Innovation