IJAM Volume 1 Number 2 (PRINT)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 72

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In founding the International Journal of Arts Management, our principal aim was to establish an international forum that would bring together researchers and practitioners in the arts and cultural sector around articles whose quality and pertinence would be ensured by a stringent refereeing process. Thanks to our subscription campaign, we have already succeeded in attaining our objective. Indeed, the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Arts Management was widely read in university and management circles in over thirty countries around the world! The forum we so hoped for has become a reality.

The articles slated for publication this year – -some of which adopt a theoretical approach, while others offer a more practical perspective-– deal with issues that are common to any number of countries. Indeed, while it may be true that organizations operate in diverse cultural contexts, analyses as well as experience show that the problems facing organizations are quite similar from one country to the next. I have personally observed this a number of times, having had the opportunity to teach in both North and South America, as well as in Europe and Asia. Numerous similarities, or at least parallels, can also be drawn between artistic disciplines. And even when notable differences do stand out, they afford us valuable opportunities to learn a great deal about ourselves through comparison. In short, this forum offers managers, researchers, civil servants and anyone else interested in arts and cultural management an occasion for fruitful dialogue. By sharing our reflections, our knowledge and our case studies, all of our organizations will be in a better position to achieve our respective missions.

Now that this forum exists, feel free to contribute to it by sharing your research findings or experiences with us. Help keep the ball rolling!

Have a pleasant read!

François Colbert