IJAM Volume 1 Number 3 (PDF)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 86

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This third issue brings to a close the first year of existence of our journal. Bolstered by the satisfaction expressed in the comments we have received from you, our readers, we are enthusiastically beginning to prepare the next volume. We intend to ensure that the subject matter remains varied and relevant, and to continue to solicit contributions from authors in a broad range of countries. The articles published in the first three issues originated in Canada, the United States, England, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Other countries will be added to this list over the coming year.

We have subscribers in nearly forty countries and on all continents. Viewed from a different perspective, 54 percent of our readers are active in the realm of arts and cultural management, 17 percent deal with culture in the public sector and 28 percent in the academic world. The fact that 13 percent of our subscribers are students proves that our journal is also helping to shape the future of these milieus.

The success of our publication is largely due to the efforts of our numerous contributors. I-would like to thank everyone involved. I am especially grateful for the support provided by the members of the editorial committee. I-would also like to acknowledge the contributions of those who spend so much time carefully reading and evaluating the manuscripts; it is this work that will ensure the long-term quality and significance of our publication. Lastly, I would like to extend a special thanks to those readers who have made our journal known to individuals and organizations we were unable to reach directly as well as readers who have sent us the addresses of arts and cultural organizations in their countries.

In closing, I have the pleasure of announcing that our journal now has its own web site. I-encourage you not only to visit our site, but also to use it to communicate with us.

Enjoy your reading!

François Colbert