IJAM Volume 10 Number 3 (PDF)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 94

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Readers will discover a resolutely marketing theme in this issue of the Journal. In fact, we could even say that this issue is devoted entirely to consumer behaviour, because every contribution deals with the subject in one form or another. From time to time, quite by chance, it happens that the manuscripts and research topics submitted to us result in a thematic issue without any planning on the part of the editorial board. It is interesting to note that a large majority of the contributors to this issue of IJAM are women.

The authors of the first article conduct a trend marketing analysis aimed at understanding the relationships that consumers establish with products and services. They propose a seven-point typology.

Our second article, one in a series of four presenting the findings of market research, looks at a fascinating topic: the evaluation of the quality of opera performances. Drawing from the literature on the judgements of experts and non-exerts, the authors reach the conclusion that these two groups converge in their appraisals of the quality of a performance – with, however, slightly greater nuance in the judgement of experts.

The next article deals with the conception of time (both individual and social) and demonstrates the decisive role it plays in performing arts consumption.

The fourth contribution undertakes to develop and test a measurement scale to define the personality of performing arts venues. Indeed, the fact that consumers tend to readily attribute personality traits to both brands and physical spaces amply supports the linking of the notion of personality to cultural facilities.
The last article in the series proposes a positioning of the leading academic journals in the cultural sector. This exercise is all the more relevant because, for many academics, the ranking of journals plays a decisive role in their choice of publication when submitting a manuscript. According to this classification, our own journal ranks among the top publications.

Finally, our Company Profile in this issue examines the rebirth of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona’s opera house. After being destroyed by fire, the opera house was rebuilt in a manner that was in keeping with the vision of the original designers.

François Colbert