IJAM Volume 18 Number 2 (PRINT)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 98

Product: Journal

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Visual, Media and Digital Arts

François Colbert and André Courchesne 

This Winter 2016 issue provides an inspiring view on management and marketing research in the Visual, Media and Digital Arts. The themes addressed cover current debates on how contemporary art works can influence the perception of institutions and how audiences, such as business students, react to murals on the basis of their personal philosophy. Our third article makes an original contribution to resource dependence theory by describing how small and medium-size videogame firms might escape dependence on dominant actors. In the area of marketing research, the fourth article reviews the Web communication strategies of art museums, and the fifth analyzes how executives’ photographic portraits that appear in management publications serve both organizational identity and status.

Finally, the Company Profile offers a case study of The Onion, an American satirical newspaper: how it addresses globalization, media convergence and the decline of print. As well, following the January 2015 attack on the popular French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, this piece reflects on how powerful and, paradoxically, fragile comedic and satirical publications have become due to the reach of the Internet.
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