IJAM Volume 2 Number 1 (PDF)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 90

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From the outset, the mission of the International Journal of Arts Management (IJAM) has been twofold: to contribute to the advancement of research in the field of cultural management and to make available a diversity of relevant and stimulating knowledge and commentary to the community of cultural managers. Our challenge is thus, on the one hand, to promote the production of stimulating articles, and, on the other hand, to see to it that our readers’ standards of quality, rigour and relevance are met.

To ensure that the journal fully satisfies our criteria, each article is submitted for review to four referees or reviewers, including two academics and two practitioners, chosen on the basis of their expertise in the discipline or theme in question. These referees are, in reality, the representatives of our most demanding readers, and the work they perform is thus of capital importance in the editing process. Following a meticulous reading of the texts and an in-depth content analysis, the reviewers forward their critical observations to the authors. Articles are sometimes returned for a second evaluation once they have been modified by the author on the basis of the reviewers’ comments. Finally, a reviewer may be called on to examine several articles relating to the same discipline. In the first year of existence of our journal, close to one-third of the articles submitted were accepted for publication.

I would like to thank all those people who have accepted to perform this demanding work voluntarily for the first volume of IJAM, and I thank in advance all those from whose precious collaboration we will benefit in the future. It is their commitment that guarantees the satisfaction of our readers and the quality of our product. The complete list of reviewers who have collaborated on the journal over the first year is found at the back of this issue.

Thanks to all.

François Colbert