IJAM Volume 25 Number 2 (PDF)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 94

Product: Journal

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We are excited to bring you the Winter 2023 issue of the International Journal of Arts Management, featuring articles addressing a number of topics of interest to contemporary arts managers and arts management researchers.

In this issue’s Editors’ Choice article, Elisabetta Lazzaro and Giuliano Picchi conduct a systematic review of the literature on business models for contemporary art galleries and reveal interesting themes that should provide a foundation for future research on this industry.

This issue also features the AIMAC 2022 Best Marketing Paper, in which Maud Derbaix, Michaël Korchia, and Matis Padiou examine the prosumption behaviors of music fans and find that their contributions as consumers are driven by their passion and worship for musicians and the reward for their labor is the sharing of their work with their fellow fans.

The remaining articles in this issue tackle such diverse topics as the ideal running time for movies to maximize box office returns, key success factors in approaching mergers among nonprofit arts organizations, and the impact of integrated art projects on the acceptance of refugees into a new culture. Finally, this issue features our second Case Study and our first Practitioner Perspectives article, the two new sections introduced to IJAM this year.

Mark your calendars for the first IJAM Paper Development Workshop to be held June 22-23, 2023, at HEC Montréal in Canada. Participants will have the opportunity to receive individual feedback from journal editors and peers on a paper that they plan to submit for publication in the future, as well as to hear from guest speakers about publishing arts management research. More details and registration information will be available on the IJAM website.

A reminder as well that PhD students can sign up for our PhD Reviewer Mentorship Program. For more information, contact ijam@hec.ca

We will continue to seek out opportunities to support our community of arts management researchers and we hope that you will continue to submit your research to the International Journal of Arts Management.

Alex Turrini
Jennifer Wiggins