IJAM Volume 4 Number 1 (PRINT)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 76

Product: Journal

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Readers will notice that we have added a new section – “Manager’s Voice” – to -our table of contents. Henceforth, this section will present articles by practitioners in the field of cultural management.

In the Editor’s Note to our very first issue, I-mentioned that one of the objectives of this journal is to give a voice to practitioners. True to this goal, no fewer than 14 of the 65 articles published in our first three volumes were penned by practitioners.

Our journal strives to foster the exchange of information on management practices and to make available the results of academic research. As such, it constitutes a valuable forum for the transfer of knowledge between academics and practitioners. We strongly believe that the experiences of cultural managers can be useful not only to other managers, but also to the academic community and, especially, to students.

Indeed, management is first and foremost an art. To understand this art, it is necessary to analyse how it is practised. Scientific methods can and should be applied in order to document knowledge and experience in this field and, eventually, to develop concepts and theories.

However, it is by observing the experience of practitioners that we can lay the foundations for such research. The scientific process is always based primarily on the observation and description of phenomena, and management is no exception to this rule. However, given that the practice of management is above all an art, it will always be necessary to describe that the practice in order to understand how it works.

We thus encourage practitioners to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences with us. We will approach their manuscripts with the same respect shown all authors, welcoming the opportunity to provide a platform for authors engaged in the practice of cultural management, the very object of study of academics.

François Colbert