IJAM Volume 9 Number 1 (PDF)

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 80

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These days, symphony orchestras are experiencing their share of financial difficulties, with many of them on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to turn the situation around in such cases, the collaboration of all members of the organization is essential. Our first article discusses the ups and downs of a successful turnaround at the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra in Canada.

Many arts organizations have a dual management structure made up of an artistic director and an executive director. Interestingly, the second article could be considered a logical extension of the first, as it examines the usefulness of this dual structure when it comes to resolving conflict situations.

Few studies have examined the issue of the organization of the field of poetry in terms of industrial organization. In his article on this topic, Sébastien Dubois highlights the close relationship between members of this network and discusses how the arrangement favours a strong and coherent strategy.

Two articles in this issue present the findings of studies conducted on two important issues rarely addressed in the literature. The first deals with the value of consumption in terms of experience. Consumers value art as an experience much more than as a product of consumption or enjoyment. However, visitors and spectators need the “show” aspect to enhance the quality of this experience. The second article reports on the results of an experiment in the classification of cultural consumers into segments based on variables other than sociodemographics.

Finally, our Company Profile describes the international profile of a film production company, Working Title Films, based in England. Readers are invited to follow its evolution from its beginnings, through the various partnerships that have culminated in numerous successful productions.
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