Policy, Passion and Precarity: How Structural Frameworks Shape the Tenure of Artistic Directors in the Subsidized Theatre Sector

ISSN/ISBN : 1480-8986
Pages : 55-68

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Karen Hands is an Early Career Researcher and Lecturer in Creative Industries, and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Creative Industries program, at the University of The Sunshine Coast, Australia.

This exploratory qualitative research utilizes historical policy and analyzes documents and primary interviews to explore the dynamics between policy-introduced structures and the artistic director’s tenure in the Australian subsidized theatre sector. The research probes the effect of tenure length on the sector and examines decision-making about career mobility and the role of the individual passion of the artistic director. Short-term or project-based work dominates employment opportunities in this sector, yet the full-time artistic director position presents an anomaly to typical work patterns and career pathways. Incumbents of this role have forged a career in this precarious environment to attain an elite artistic leadership position that forms part of a dual leadership model. This research offers insight into how arts policies shape artistic careers, specifically the career pathways of artistic directors, which may contribute to a deeper understanding of the role, the development of future arts policies, and supported artistic leadership pathways. 
Artistic Director; Arts Leadership; Australian Theatre; Creative Cultural Labour; Precarious Work; Passion; Arts Policy